Current Portfolio


Amplifier provides a comprehensive distribution platform for anyone selling directly to their audiences. Amplifier can:

  • Receive orders from your online store
  • Store your inventory and ship your orders
  • Create products on demand and even let your audience customize them
  • Support your orders in your voice

Aquadation Technologies

Aquadation® is a patented foundation maintenance, repair and organic pesticide delivery system.  Aquadation Technologies, LLC has partnered with  MLAW Engineers (one of the nation's leading foundation engineering firms) to bring these technologies to the new homes warranty industry via a joint venture called Aquadation LLC.

Aquadation LLC has developed a patent-pending "Internet of Things" (IoT) foundation monitoring system - Smart Slab™ - that allows for the remote monitoring of foundation movement and displacement.  The Smart Slab™ foundation monitoring system interacts with cloud-based machine learning algorithms that control the Aquadation® foundation irrigation system.   

In the Spring of 2016, Aquadation was admitted into the prestigious Silicon Valley Plug and Play Accelerator Internet of Things program.  


Gold Innovations

Gold Innovations is a Texas-based limited liability company that has patented two new wealth management business methods and software systems.  

The patents cover the accounting systems and tax preparation business methods and software used to exploit a unique legal loophole that enables a single financial transaction that is taxed at a high rate (e.g. estate tax) to be converted into two transactions that are taxed at two separate - and lower - tax rates (e.g. ordinary income and collectable capital gains rate).  In some cases, total federal taxes paid can be legally cut in half - by paying taxes twice on a single transaction instead of once!

Gold Innovations is a subsidiary of Patent Bakery.


Innovative Visa Solutions

Innovative Visa Solutions, LLC (IVS) has four patents pending on business methods and software that enables Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to accept investment capital from foreign investors and allocate employment credits to them in order to fulfill EB-5 (and other) US immigration visa requirements.

IVS is a subsidiary of Patent Bakery.


KLD Energy Technologies

Austin, Texas-based KLD Energy Technologies' mission is to develop innovative, sustainable propulsion technologies for the electric vehicle markets, including the Kenguru electric vehicle for disabled drivers. The KLD propulsion and generation system is applicable in a broad range of markets, including elevators, air conditioners, pumps, generators and many other applications.


Midnight Studios

Midnight Studios is a AAA, cross platform video game development company based in Austin, Texas. Founded by Electronics Arts (EA) veterans, Midnight Studios is at the forefront of creating innovative electronic games and virtual goods for the world to enjoy.  Midnight Studios has patented a system for generating and distributing virtual gifts.


Oui Agree

Collaborative Agreements, LLC (dba "Oui Agree®) is a patented web-based system that enables multiple parties to collaboratively and securely negotiate and execute legally binding agreements online.

Oui Agree has partnered with Nix, Patterson and Roach, LLP and the Olivo Law Group to license its patent portfolio, and those licensing activities are ongoing.  


Patent Bakery

Patent Bakery is a seed-stage investment company and business incubator that focuses on identifying compelling intellectual property and partnering with inventors to file high quality patent applications and then monetize the issued patents.


Pivot Press

Pivot Press is a licensee of copyright protected books and videos and a publisher of print-on-demand books, DVDs and apparel.  Pivot Press also owns the popular social networking website Silat.TV.


SAFE Path Technologies

One-Click Tactical Escape & Evasion Navigation Systems for Soldiers

SAFE Path Technologies, LLC is a Texas limited liability corporation based in Austin, Texas.  The company has patents that cover tactical navigation systems that integrate with existing Battlefield Management Systems (BMS) that enable dismounted soldiers (as well as those being transported in tracked and armored vehicles) to navigate to the nearest safe location via the safest possible path by pushing a single button on their tactical navigational system.  The SAFE Path system provides a simple and immediate way for soldiers operating under battlefield conditions to gain total situational awareness by reducing the complexity of the "digital battlefield" into a series of clear and immediately actionable steps in order to guide a soldier or unit in distress to a safe location. 

SAFE Path Technologies is a subsidiary of Patent Bakery.


SoapTime is a patented soap dispensing system that provides children a fun and engaging experience at the sink during hand washing, while providing parents a tool for teaching healthy habits for life. SoapTime uses a multimedia "Edutainment" experience of lights, music and fun facts to keep kids washing for 20 seconds, the proper time to ensure clean hands. SoapTime's fun soap bottles snap onto the SoapTime Smart Base®. The Smart Base provides unique songs and fun facts tailored to each themed bottle. Children will learn facts about animals, earth and will even practice saying hello and counting to ten in multiple languages! 


Tesla Innovations

Formed in 2001, Tesla Innovations LLC has developed and is prosecuting patents for its business methods and software systems that enable patent owners to monetize patent assets of unknown value via the use of cross-licensing patent pools and option pools.  The pending patent application for cross-licensing patent pools can be found here, and the pending patent application for option pools can be found here.





BlinkSend is a patented, web-based document distribution solution. BlinkSend provides statistics and analytics to show who's reading your documents, the amount of time they read, and their feedback on each one.  

BlinkSend's intellectual property assets and patent portfolio was acquired by Intellectual Ventures in 2014.



Kenguru, Inc. designs and builds specialized electric LSVs (low speed vehicles) for disabled drivers in wheelchairs.  Dell Inc. featured the Kenguru vehicle in one of their TV commercials:  TV Commercial.  

Kenguru was acquired by KLD Energy Technologies in 2015.